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Paidmail Bot

Earn money with my free Paidmail Bot. 

What are Paidmails

Paidmails are Emails you are paid for. My Bot will click on certain links automatically. So you will get money without doing anything



Install Python 2.7.10 and PIP

Go to the official Python Website and download Python 2.7.X. Install it. Then download Open CMD or your console in the Download folder and type "python". 


Download Paidmail Bot 

Click here and Download the repository. Open CMD in this folder and type "pip install -r requirements.txt".


Configurate IMAP Settings

Open the file. Change following lines "login = ''", "password = 'yourpassword'", "ip = ''". If you use gmail use following details "login = ''", "password = 'gmailpassword'", "ip = ''"


Start Bot

Execute the start.bat file or type "python" in your console.


Register for a supported paidmail provider

You can find supported providers in the supported.txt file.

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